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The shoe commences with Scene and Intern 2 working at their desks. Indie then enters the room. Scene happily greats Indie, but she receives no response. This immensely saddens Scene.

The scene then switches to Metal, who is working under the stairs, using a desk built out of Dell boxes because Indie hasn't given him a desk yet. Indie then walks by and parks his bike in front of Metal's man-made workspace; Metal is greatly frustrated by this. Indie questions Metal why he's under the stairs, and Metal sadly replies with "'Cuz you guys haven't given me a desk yet." Indie tells him that it's next on his to-do-list, but then the shot changes to Indie's to-do-list, which reveals it is actually second.

After the theme finishes playing, Indie orders Metal to move from his bike's parking space, Metal then asks what's more important to him: Weekly content for his website or parking for his bicycle

Solving the argument, the scene switches to WIP

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